Presidential Election: Donald Trump Subliminal Persuasion


The 2016 presidential election so far is one of the most controversial, entertaining, and non-traditional elections that we are witnessing. This is due to the very animated and unorthodox Republican runner Donald Trump. To most people it may seem like he’s a fool. But as a matter of fact he’s not a fool at all. He did get the Republican nominee spot and is running to become the next President Of The United States Of America. So, for someone who seems to act a fool, how did he get nominated for the Republican spot? He knows what he’s doing…

Donald Trump is a well known and successful business person. So that should be an immediate clue. He knows how to sell and persuade. He knows the game of power and persuasion and uses it against his electoral opponents and to influence people to ultimately side with him. All of this is done subliminally. To an unknowing person they will not know their being persuaded and mind manipulated. This is evident because, again, a lot of people think he’s a fool. But in actuality he knows what he’s doing and does it very well.

It’s like a salesperson selling tree cutting services to people who has no trees. Donald Trump is a good salesperson. Here are some of the methods and techniques he uses to persuade people:


Fear is one of the most powerful emotions that we as humans inherently have. Fear causes us to pay attention. It can be used as a tool to motivate and manipulate people as well. In fact, it has been used to motivate and mind control people for a long time. So Trump is not the first to use it. Although he knows hoe to use it to persuade.


When Trump instills fear into the minds of the people, he then begins to associate himself as being the authoritative and powerful person that is able to handle or solve the problems and fears that he laid out. Doing this is very powerful.

When a person is feeling the emotion of fear they are not able to think comprehensively and logically making them very susceptible to persuasion and suggestion. This is exactly what Trump does. Most people can’t consciously fathom this idea because all of this happens on the subconscious level.

The following video will illustrate these tactics even more:


This technique is vast throughout the marketing and sales world. Trump over promises on everything to sell himself to the American public. This is to get on the good side of people’s emotion and ties into associating himself as “being” the solution to the fears and problems that America supposedly have. He probably knows that all of his promises and statements may not be fulfilled, but once he gets your vote and gets into office it doesn’t really matter at that point.


As you’ve seen in the video, Trump uses humor to deflect opposition. Laughter is another powerful emotion. It is hard to hold negative thoughts about a person that makes you laugh. That is why Trump uses humor to deter negative remarks or to soften the blows from his opponent.


Body language is another factor that Trump knows is a huge factor in the “power game”, influencing, and persuading. He almost never looks at his opposing debater, he shuns at his opponents when they’re talking, uses hand gestures, facial expressions, etc. all to either prompt up his image or to degrade his opponent’s power. Again, it’s a subliminal component used to manipulate how he is perceived and ultimately persuade people to vote for him.

Now, I’m not pushing for a vote for or against Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. I actually hold a different opinion on politics (we’ll get into that later). My goal is to educate people on the kind of things that are happening so that our country can be saved. Manipulation and mind control all are things that are being done unto the masses. Understanding how it works and how to notice it is a way to empower people. Knowledge is power.

If you don’t think that you are not susceptible to the persuasions of Donald Trump or politicians, I suggest you think twice. It’s real and it is being done unto us. How do you think Barack Obama persuaded people to vote for him?

Barack Obama Subliminal Persuasion

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